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  • Kevin Andrews

Summer SLAM: Rek'nize your Perspective

Students Living a Mission is on the cusp of a summer full of opportunity for ministry and impact beyond Old Hickory. Starting June 10 and for three weeks this summer, teams of students ranging from 6-12 grade will descend upon the GOD International campus to engage worship, service, and community all through the lens of the theme "Rek'nize Where You At" derived from Colossians 3:1-3. This section of scripture calls the hearer to "set your mind on the things that are above".

This command is important since working with teenagers during an already busy summer could tempt us to maintain earthly views. Instead, we get to practice dying to our agenda and see others raised up with Christ who will get the chance to recognize how they can partner with the Lord in bringing about his priorities in the world.

An "above" perspective calls us to trade up from a common mindset to one that Jesus models and the Bible teaches us to enact.

I'm not gifted for working with teens >>> My abilities strengthen the body to serve at its best.

We'll never see the fruit >>> The Word planted in these young people can grow for a lifetime and impact the generations.

I have other work to do >>> The Lord can use my faithful service to call other laborers.

We can't expect to accomplish much in a week >>> This experience will spark spiritual development and meet tangible needs for people who need to experience God's nearness.

The challenge of viewing this summer as an opportunity to see the Lord move is not one intended only for SLAM groups who visit Hopewell. It is for each of us who desire connection to this body of believers. It isn't limited to any one program or event. It is a shared opportunity for all of us to Rek'nize Where We (are) At. We can each benefit from a renewed vantage point as we sit close to Jesus, pay attention to his mission, and get involved in his work.

If you haven't figured out what that "above" perspective looks like or feel like you've been lulled back towards an earthly one, get plugged into a SLAM week and expect the Lord to meet you. In doing so time and again, God has always revealed Himself in the fresh way that I needed. I'm confident there are many others who could speak to this same reality. It is part of the wonderful mystery that the book of Matthew declares in tones similar to that of Colossians. "(T)hose who lose their life for my sake will find it." (Matt. 10:39b)

Here's to a summer "above" and full of finding life as we serve together!


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